[art] mudbox experiment

  • Sep. 20th, 2012 at 5:05 PM
myluckyseven: Paul Smith screaming and bleeding (IS THAT WHY YOUR NOSE IS BLEEDING??)
I'm listening to the Patrick Wolf livestream concert at the moment aaaahhh~~~ A good month in music for me. :3 I need to make a big dorky post about the maxïmo park show at some point.


a Gabriel I did while messin around in mudbox last night on the base head. I think I kinda got the hang of it? haha I'm sure there's lots of 3D process mistakes- I've been working on that kinda thing a lot lately but it's pretty hard to teach yourself! There's all this like, best practices stuff that I have no idea about.

I hope this isn't too shabby for a newbie who really blatantly doesn't know how to sculpt convincing hair in this program :B