i'm the hipster, it's me

  • Apr. 13th, 2013 at 12:22 PM
myluckyseven: Flynn says yaaaaayyyyy (yaaaaaaay)
got myself a free fixed-gear bike today

now i'm looking at info on how to redo the paint job. it deserves one that's not all cracked to pieces and looks good with the SUPER CUTE whitewall tires

i think it will be orange and maybe with some more white accents. CREAMSICLE BIKE!!!!

hahahaa i don't know how useful it will be. i currently live in a bad place to cycle and a TERRIBLE place to cycle with a fixie. i might get the chance to move but then ???? i don't know. i want to get a front brake for it if i'm going to be using it. my dad has an old commuter bike with gears if this one is useless. and if I paint it up pretty, i dunno, maybe i can sell this new guy. we'll see!!

at the very least you can't beat that price, so, worth a shot