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most interesting people:
  • did not get laid til they were at least 30, if ever.
  • unless of course their interesting factor was all the sex they had, in which case they were probably the victims of sexual abuse at a very young age. :( and/or were all incesty. double :(
  • died poor and alone. also quite possibly in lots of pain.
  • all their quirks could be traced back to their relationship with their parents. all of them!!! always!!!!!!!!
  • a lot of them were from the UK. these authors are definitely not biased!!
  • smart folks are either REALLY REALLY GOOD or REALLY REALLY BAD at people. there is middle ground but most of em seem to fall in either super charming or just really awkward and hated

  • fucking everyone hated hans christian andersen as a person, even if he wrote good stuff
  • like, seriously everyone wow, he was so awkward he was literally laughed at in the streets
  • daniel lambert was a cool dude, also a ye olde FUCK YOU to the ppl who think obesity is all bad eating and preventable in all people
  • florence nightingale lived her life in regret of how shit she was in the crimean war :(
  • leo da vinci was 2 sexy 4 being convicted of sodomy even tho he almost def committed it because he was SUPER HOT
  • FERNANDO PESSOA TELLIN IT: "If a man only writes well when drunk, I would tell him: Get drunk. And if he said to me that his liver suffers because of that, I would answer: What is your liver? It's a dead thing that lives as long as you do, while the poems you write live forever."
  • suddenly way less afraid to die alone/in pain/unloved. it seems p normal.
  • this book isn't my favorite (EVERYTHING YOU DO IS BECAUSE OF PARENTS!!!!! ALSO WE ARE BAD AT PRONOUNS FOR TRANS PEOPLE!!!) but it's still really fascinating, im glad i bought it.
  • i just like QI books
  • i just like trivia....

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