• Aug. 29th, 2012 at 5:11 PM
myluckyseven: Paul Smith screaming and bleeding (IS THAT WHY YOUR NOSE IS BLEEDING??)

wow, delicioussss. Fred Meyer had a press and masa harina in stock so mom picked 'em up and today we made them with a carnitas recipe and it was GREAT. I didn't have any, but apparently the salsa she made was good too.
We've gotta practice getting them a little thinner though- I wanna make chips. *u*

In other news, I got flatbooks shipped and some more applications out, plus I did not puke or pass out from guilt/nerves, so it was really a win all around.

I'm gonna dick around with my texture pack project for a while, then do at least one of the sketch page commissions, I'm thinking!


  • Aug. 25th, 2012 at 7:47 PM
myluckyseven: (heh heh... heh?)
"I don't know what I'm doing with coding, I'm a super amateur, I don't like working on public things," I say as I make a github account

okay, to be fair, I made it 95% for forking my favorite Minecraft texture pack and 5% to follow updates to the Wordpress theme I use
I just thought it was funny considering how annoyed I was at Note Eraser problems this morning haha


  • Aug. 1st, 2012 at 12:15 PM
myluckyseven: Flynn says yaaaaayyyyy (yaaaaaaay)
Postponed Kingdom Heartsing for a bit today to teach my mom how to play Minecraft haha

She did really good, esp for someone who's never played anything in first person with WASD & mouse!! I think she'll really like it in time, "punch shit to kill it" is her kind of game.

she's actually pretty fond of Kingdom Hearts, too, and played 1 and 2. :3

mostly about texture packs

  • Jun. 30th, 2012 at 12:00 AM
myluckyseven: Miguel and Tulio are both in barrels. Like, sheepishly. (we're both in barrels)
welp, I decided to not worry about getting stuff done today, all plans canceled due to Migraine... and actually did a decent amount of things anyways?? Go figure.

Practiced my inking, played with drawing with an automatic symmetry thing goin, showed my mom how to play Minecraft (I think that once the 1.3 patch drops she'll really like it- games where killing things isn't too complicated appeal to her,) then worked on one of my pet projects: updating my favorite texture pack to modern Minecraft. It's been basically abandoned for nine months now, but it's the besssst so I've been hacking away at getting the new items and blocks into the same style.

The pack is open source and eventually I've really gotta just fork it on github and share my updates but..... i feel.... really shy about it..... hahaha. I'll get there!!! It's really fun to practice the spriting and stuff though, I'm not so good at pixel art, and improving is cool.

I've messed around with making my own pack from scratch too, but it's a loooot harder to come up with my own style and palettes and worst of it- mob designs. I just have no ideas for those.

I should share my attempts at making a pack based on the Land of Light and Rain sometime too. I've tried my hand at three of the kid's worlds in Homestuck, but the LoLaR texture pack has come the easiest.

Tomorrow I have to make a concrete plan and stream, dammit! I haven't done any in ages, and this commission is perfect for streaming.

For now I'm thinking tackling some coding? That could be good. I have some storyboards to tighten but I don't think I'm on that kind of game today. But I need a new tumblr theme badly.

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