rewatching random shit

  • Oct. 18th, 2013 at 11:32 PM
myluckyseven: (mustache.)
all dogs go to heaven could probably be like 50 times better if it didn't have any songs in it

I am normally a person who can tolerate or even enjoy the most mediocre to bad songs in movies but just. This was not a film that used them well or had a star that could sing. It could have used that time so much better.

It's mostly a good movie! Tbh, I think it would far surpass NIMH (which I was kinda meh on the last time i watched it like 4 years ago so grain of salt i guess) if it just........ did not have those goddamn songs in it. Or the alligator/racism like at all.

i fuckin hate bluth movies' lipsync timing though. personal taste completely, but it grates on me SO BAD!!!

anyway i drew my dog bluth style here u go