Demo progress

  • Mar. 4th, 2012 at 11:18 PM
myluckyseven: Karkat cannot be conveyed with a more detailed portrait yet. He is too angry, and is forced to look like shit. (ASDFHJKLL;)
I have two minutes. I shoved in bits of Double Rainbow, my whole segment from All The World, a bunch of the pencil test versions from all the world, I haven't cut down my final Flash project from school, I've even got first term clips from school in here to pad it out.

I have three clips in the pipeline almost ready to be added, but they're only 14 seconds combined

and the application I'm currently working on wants another full minute. At least.

what kind of freaking interns do you people want anyways

auuugh!! double rainbow isn't even GOOD flash animation it's just junk junk junk THIS IS THE WORST PORTFOLIO